Protesting Against The Protest

It has been a while since I posted, mostly because I’ve been immersed in army prep and other things. I am taking the time, however, to post today because of something that really ticked me off.
Today, there was a gathering of thousands upon thousands of chareidi Jews (ultra Orthodox Jews who currently do not get drafted into the IDF) to protest the new draft bill which would require that they draft just like the average Israeli. The new bill also provides harsher individual punishments for draft dodgers.
I do not agree with the protestors at all. In fact, I am INCREDIBLY angered by this. Six months ago, I made Aliyah and moved to this wonderful country. It was hard for me to leave everything I had: family, friends, and a familiar environment, but I did it because this is what I believe is the right thing for me to do as an individual and as a Jew.
The fact is that I volunteered to guard and protect every citizen of this country at the potential price of my life itself. If need be, I will go to war to protect my people.
But when people refuse to serve? When they refuse to be a part of a society that watches out for each other? That cheapens the sacrifice that thousands of soldiers over the years have made.
Today, they have demonstrated that they can be good soldiers. The rabbis called, and they showed up when and where they were told.
I don’t believe that “being more pious” can prevent you from being a soldier.
If the pious kings of Israel went to war to defend the nation, certainly someone who is nowhere near that pious can do so.
I don’t believe that this group should be excused from serving the country that they live in and maintaining the security that they enjoy without a second thought.
Allow me to ask this, is it fair that a mother in tel aviv and a mother in mea shea’arim to enjoy the same security, but only one had to sacrifice her sons’ time, hard work, and perhaps their lives to attain that security?
The answer is a resounding, absolute no.

4 thoughts on “Protesting Against The Protest

  1. I dont know if jail is the answer, but everybody has an obligation to serve and protect this country in one way or another and that includes them Its a disgrace if you ask me

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