The Feeling Of A Nation

Last night I had my first military tekes. (A tekes is a ceremony, the army has LOTS of those.) It was a ceremony in honor of yom hazikaron: Remembrance Day, where we remember all the soldiers killed in battle or in accidents, as well as civilians who were killed by acts of terror. As a freshly drafted soldier who still doesn’t turn around when people yell “Chayal!” It was very moving, as I’m sure it will continue to be. Hearing the siren last night and this morning while standing at attention made me realize how real this is.
As a nation, we don’t necessarily all agree. We very rarely do. But on this day, it is incredibly difficult not to. In Israel, everyone has either lost someone important to them or knows somebody who has. During the siren, the country grinds to a halt.
People stop and think.
They remember the people who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and our people.
I don’t think that I’ve had a more emotional moment since I arrived in Israel almost a year ago.
I am honored to wear the same uniform as these heroes.
May their memory live on.

5 thoughts on “The Feeling Of A Nation

  1. So proud to have watched you grow up and turn into such an honourable person. It’s not a surprise, but it has been an immense pleasure. Please be careful, and know that those who love you could not be more proud.

  2. Aryeh, we remember with you, and I pray for your safety. Thank you for your commitment and sacrifice to the IDF. x

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