I’ve just booked my Aliyah flight!! August 12th will be the start of something new and wonderful, 18 years in the making. Words cannot describe this feeling I have knowing I’m out in 2 months. I’ve started packing already that’s how excited I am!!

These next 2 months will be incredibly suspenseful. I just cannot wait!!

THIS year in Jerusalem!

7 thoughts on “IM GOING HOME

  1. Yashar Yashar Kadima!
    Your mom will be keeping close track on you from a distance and letting others in on your doings too….so behave! 🙂
    You will be a gift to Eretz Yisroel and will make your family, friends and kehilla proud.

  2. Aryeh, first off congratulations on your Aliyah, I’ve been following the progress of your adventure thru the TOI….. I too am originally from Monsey/Spring Valley, and like yourself I almost made Aliyah when I was 18… I had spent 2 years living on several different Kibbutzim, learning hebrew in ulpan… Ultimately, after much prodding by my parents, I decided to return to the USA and attend University… That was 30 years ago… My entire life I have had a burning desire to return to Israel on Aliyah… My life in America has been extremely successful, but still it has been lacking… Next week is my interview with the Jewish Agency Shaliach in Miami, I finally decided its never too late….. Good luck in your Aliyah, and also in the IDF, You definitely have made the right decision…………………………

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