I’ve just booked my Aliyah flight!! August 12th will be the start of something new and wonderful, 18 years in the making. Words cannot describe this feeling I have knowing I’m out in 2 months. I’ve started packing already that’s how excited I am!!

These next 2 months will be incredibly suspenseful. I just cannot wait!!

THIS year in Jerusalem!




Yesterday went really well!! I went to the New York office of the world Zionist organization to meet with Asher Israeli, my Aliyah shaliach. (pictured on left together with myself, photo credit H. Milner) At the meeting, I filled out my Aliyah visa application and turned in alllllll the required documents. It really paid off being organized.

So, now I have a slightly new plan. Again. If all works out, I will be flying out early-mid August and in late August I will be going to a five month kibbutz ulpan program. I’m so excited!

Now that it’s only a matter of weeks before I head out, there’s lots of stuff to do. Mostly thinking of all the stuff I may or may not need for the next few years. No biggie. If anybody thinks they could set me up with a packing list that would be mighty helpful. I feel like my list is missing something.

Sometimes, you never know what will happen till it happens. And guess what? ITS HAPPENING!


Dear readers,
I know I haven’t been posting much recently as over the past few months I have not been sure what was going on myself, let alone sure enough to actually write about it. BUT, I have not abandoned my plan! just changed it slightly. For one reason or another, garin tzabar didn’t work out for me. At this point I was wondering what I would do. And today, after weeks of indecision I finally “think” I know what my plan is.

Later this morning I have an interview with the Jewish Agency For Israel in manhattan! To finally get my Aliyah approved and to fine tune many aspects of my plan. I will let you guys know just as soon as I know.