Who Are You?

 It’s an interesting question, to be honest. What do you identify yourself as? An American? A Democrat, Republican, or Socialist? Are you a religious person? Honestly,  what do you describe yourself as?

Personally, I identify as a Jew more than anything else. Yes, am Canadian by birth and sort of conservative in my political views, but that is not who I am. Those are merely aspects of who I am.

This is probably the basic reason I am making aliyah. Simply because a Jew lives in the Jewish homeland, serves in the Jewish army, and lives in a Jewish society. When I was at my seminar last weekend, we were asked why we wanted to join the army. My reason was primarily because I am Jewish. Because of a slight technicality, such as the fact that I happened to be born outside of Israel should I “get away” without serving in the Israeli military like Jews who happened to be born in Israel? No way.  Also, there is a certain romanticism about serving as a combat soldier, at least in some teenage boys minds. Boys will be boys, eh?

But in all seriousness, this is probably a crazy idea. Scratch that, it is a crazy idea. I opened my Aliyah file with nefesh b’nefesh last week and that, combined with the recent seminar…… It’s really scary, to be honest. I’d be lying if said that this wasn’t scary. This is also most likely the biggest move of my life.

If I were an adrenaline junkie I’d be having a field day. Or a field year, really.

But that’s not who I am. I am a Jew. I am a Jew who is going to move home. Freaking out about it, but still excited to go through with it.


Please share your thoughts.

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