Aliyah Update

I am moving forward in my application process. I have certified that I’m healthy, that I’m not too crazy, that I want to join the army, that I have read and agreed to the terms and conditions, and whatever else was on those forms I have to fill out.

So, pile number one of the paperwork is almost done. I have been assured that there will be very many more forms to fill out, but that is the price you have to pay in this day and age of bureaucracy. At least I can send them in online rather than mailing them in. Thank you to whoever set that up.

I have been getting a lot of feedback about this blog, and I am glad that people are finding the information useful. I am also extremely appreciative of all the support, good wishes, and offers to do my laundry. Gotta love dem Jewish families.

Thanks for reading!


Cease fire? We cease, they fire.

On November 21st, after 8 days of fighting, Operation Pillar of Defense ended in a cease fire. So, no more attacks, no more violence, everything is very peaceful now. Right. Even under this cease fire with Hamas, other factions of the Islamic terrorist community are very active in trying to “kill the Jews” wherever they might be found.

Ahmed Ferhani, an Algerian immigrant, was arrested this week on charges of plotting to blow up a synagogue. In New York City. Mr. Ferhani was arrested when he attempted to buy guns, ammunition, and even grenades, allegedly to use to attack a synagogue. Ladies and gentlemen, just because we may or may not be in the Jewish state, does not mean we are outside of the figurative target area of our enemies. Just pointing that out. This is about being Jewish, not being Israeli.