I type this blog by the light of a little candle…… right. Even though I don’t have electricity at the moment, it’s not so bad. I still have my phone and my laptop charged up, so I can both talk and write. Now all I need is an internet connection to post this, but I’m not that lucky yet. Still, we must be grateful for what we do have.  I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who has offered us sanctuary in their warm homes, and to tell the power company to hurry up. I know that I’m Canadian, but even us Canucks need warmth.

The power company says that it will be seven to fifteen days until power is restored. At first I was shocked! Seven days without power seems like an eternity to me! Let alone fifteen! But I just realized now – seven days? Seven days is nothing, I have nine months until I get to the holy land. The land for which our ancestors waited for forty years in the desert. The land that we had to wait almost 2000 years to reclaim as our own. And now we’re back. And our goal should be to hold onto this land. The land that was promised to our father Abraham many centuries ago by God. The land that in the past 64 years has lost thousands of souls in its defense. And yet we still stand. A country smaller than the state of New Jersey, fighting for our most treasured possessions – our history and our people. So in the whole scheme of things, a few days is really not that much.

That being said, I still do hope the power goes on quickly. It’s cold.

Reporting from under a mountain of blankets,


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