Hi, my name is Aryeh. I’m currently 17 years old, and I plan on making Aliyah within the next year. Ever since September 2008 when I first visited Israel, I’ve dreamed of going back, moving to Israel, becoming a citizen and joining the Israeli Defense Force. From then on, armed with this goal and the support of my parents, I started looking for the right way to make my dream a reality.

People sometimes think I’m crazy simply because they can’t see what my reasons for wanting to do this could possibly be.  For all those people who want to know my reasons, here they are in black and white: I am a Zionist. I believe in what the State of Israel stands for.  I feel that I should be doing my part. I want to do just what my brothers in the Holy Land are conscripted to do. I want to defend my land, my people, my heritage, and most importantly – my beliefs.

However, there is one difference between myself and my brethren in Israel. This is my choice. I am volunteering to move to and defend my homeland, simply because that is what I feel is right. Because for a Jew, Israel is more than just a country. It’s somewhere where you can figure out who you are. A place where you see what you truly are. A place where it all began, and only with the will of God does it keep on going. For a Jew never travels to Israel.  A Jew simply returns home.

This is my story.

34 thoughts on “THIS IS MY STORY

  1. Nicely said, Aryeh. You have a way of stating simply and clearly your beautiful thoughts. May Hashem bless you with long, healthy, happy years here at Home in Israel, with much to say, and with a continued ability to say it well.

  2. Aryeh – how proud your parents must be to have raised such a clear thinking and goal oriented young man. You’ve been given the gift of clarity; knowing where you want to live and how you want to start adulthood. Many decided to make Israel home. Fewer jump right in and start serving their new homeland. Your post made me cry and wistfully wish I’d had the courage to do what you are doing at a young age. It’s easier when you are young.

    You are now another reason to feel proud of being Jewish.

    Yasher Koach.

  3. I so totally understand. Everyone thought I was crazy too, when I made aliya all by myself at the age of 18. My ‘reward’ is that my kids think I did the right thing. Play your cards right and at least your kids will understand. 😉

  4. Best of luck! I am sure you will love it. Just know while you are there your mom will probably be sitting at home, scared, biting her nails, but wishing she was in Israel with you!

  5. I think it must be your generation who want to go and do this wonderful and proud move in life without your parents ( who will follow you PG one day). I have a 17 yr old son who wants to do exactly the same as you. May Hashem Bless you with continued strength, ambition, wisdom, courage, determination and all good things for you. Hatzlocha Rabo.

  6. wishing you much hatzlachah on your future aliyah, and joining the idf. your parents must be very proud of you, and be’z your family will follow.

  7. So clearly and beautifully written, Aryeh. May your dream come true and be all that you desire it to be. It is a gift to know so deeply who and what you are at such a young age. Mazel Tov!

  8. Best of luck to you. I made aliyah in my 30s, single and without family here, as well, and I am SO in awe of young adults who come and go straight into the army. Kol Hakavod!

  9. Hatzlacha Rabba! What a beautiful writer you are — I see you get them from your momma! Will be such an honor and pleasure to have you join us here. Please come to us for Shabbos!

  10. Aryeh…thank you. Thank you for being the inspiration we all so desperately need. Our hearts, thoughts and love are always with you. May the Ribbono Shel Olam bless you with continued strength and may you be lifted with spiritual awareness on a deeper level every single day. We love you so much.

    Tovit, Daniel, Amalia, Azarya and Eitan

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